Last week in Colorado it actually acted like spring so my guy and I dusted off the ol’ bikes to go play frisbee at the park before dark. During that ride, I had a thought….

I like this old-school, cruiser bike, even though it’s a little rough around the edges. It’s got that cool retro look I’ve always loved and it’s been fun. But wouldn’t it be cool to get a new cruiser bike if I had any extra money? Well it probably wouldn’t be the first thing on my list of how I’d spend that extra money, but wouldn’t it be cool…?

The thought was easy, it flitted in, flirted on, then left.

Four days later a family friend said she thought of me when needing to find a new home for their daughter-in-law’s basically brand new, hardly-used cruiser bike… And she wanted to gift it to me! I was shocked! In disbelief and extreme gratitude. Based on my thought from those four days before…

I realized I manifested it into my life!


Dark haired girl riding her bike at the park


And it was so easy, like *magic* to be honest.

But how did I bring this magical manifestation into my life?

By noticing what I have in my life that I’m grateful for. And stating it in my gratitude journal (like having a cool retro bike that I’m able to ride).

By doing things I enjoy and how grateful I am to be able to enjoy them (like being able to ride my bike again because of warm sunshiny weather).

By deciding to focus on what makes me happy and being grateful for it (like deciding to ride to the park for some frisbee time, even though it’s about to get dark).

By being grateful for those who I love and that they are in my life (like my guy who is always up for getting an adventure in, no matter if the sun’s going down really soon).

Do you notice a pattern here?? It’s deciding to focus on what I like, what’s fun, what makes me happy, and the gratitude for it all. Let me break it down slowly so you can take it in.

  • It’s deciding where to put my focus. That evening I put my focus on the bike I was able to ride again because winter was over. The retro bike only has one brake that works, and is stuck in one gear. I’m usually the slow one in a group because of it. It’s a little rusty, literally. But I didn’t focus on those things. As I was riding I thought how much I love it. It used to belong to this sweet old neighbor who’s no longer alive. It’s a cool looking rusty-orange colored, retro 70’s bike I’ve always loved since I bought it at her garage sale over ten years ago.
  • It’s gratitude. Gratitude for the physical ability to ride a bike. Gratitude the weather was so nice that evening. Gratitude that my dude wanted to not call it a night when I got to his house, but to go to the park in that slim time of daylight that was left. Gratitude for feeling so free as I rode down the neighborhood streets. Gratitude for this bike I’ve had so many fun times on.
  • It’s the feelings I want more of. I love feeling free. I love having fun. I feel happy with my dude. I feel happy to play at the park.

Manifestation cannot happen unless you feel the feelings of happiness and gratitude for all that you have. It’s an energy thing.

By stating your gratitude for what you have, you get more.

Now I have a new bike that I can ride to all the parks and continue having fun adventures on. And it’s smoother, and a faster ride because of the gears! It’s an upgrade from the retro bike, which was basically my original thought all along. Will I keep the old retro bike as a backup bike? Maybe. But now I’m so grateful for both bikes to adventure with.

Gratitude raises your vibration. It’s like a magnet for bringing more of what you’re grateful for. It attracts that which you desire.

It’s truly the magic of the universe.

And it isn’t easy to believe how EASY it can be. You just have to trust.

I’m new at my awareness of what I am manifesting into my life. Some things are small, but some things are so glaringly obvious, like the proof of this bike, so I am really digging in to my trust of the universe and that what I desire will be provided.

I invite you to focus on your joy, what you love to do, and GO DO IT!! I invite you to be grateful for what you have so you can attract more.

Be intentional with your life.

What are you grateful for that makes you happy? What have you manifested into your life recently? Share below!

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