How does it relate to chocolate? IS it chocolate? Is it the same as cocoa? And why would I even want it when chocolate is so satisfying?

Cacao (pronounced kuh-COW) is 100% dark chocolate because it contains no sugar, dairy or other additives like the chocolate bars you find at the grocery store. Nor has any part been taken away, such as the cocoa butter/fat removed (yes big name chocolate sells this part to other markets for more money and uses a cheap replacement, like milk fat).

It is simply pure, organic cacao.


Maybe you’ve heard cacao is the RAW form of chocolate, but if we get technical about it, “raw” foods are not heated above 118°F. However, cacao beans are roasted and this likely occurs at a higher temp than that.

Cocoa – as in hot cocoa – is a highly processed version in a powder form, with parts removed and may contain a lot of the bean husk ground down. And then also tends to have a ton of sugar and milk added.

Packaged chocolate from the grocery store is nothing like pure, raw cacao. 90% of the beneficial compounds are removed or destroyed and packed with much more sugar and additives. Sure the grocery store chocolate bars taste good but there is a whole other level of what this amazing superfood can do on it’s own.


What Makes Cacao So Special & Magical


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