Join us for the next Raise Your Vibe Workshop

hands holding a cup of warm cacao next to an open bookDuring the Raise Your Vibe Workshops…

We take a look at your tendencies to procrastinate

Allll the excuses that come up

Your self sabotaging ways

The areas you give your power away

And old stories that you no longer want to be living out

We get clear on what you find important…

We determine if you’re putting your valuable personal resources (time, money, energy) towards the areas you find important

We dig deep into why you’re putting off the things you want to be doing

We consider what underlying commitments you may have that cause you to feel torn on making decisions and therefore don’t make one

Raise Your Vibe Workshops contain these 3 elements:

  • Journaling

A way to get thoughts and old stories that play on repeat out of your mind, to brainstorm new ideas and release overthinking, to dig deeper to understand yourself so you can clear the way for what you want, to set your intentions and anchor them in and to claim your new 2.0 Self

  • Ceremonial Cacao

A magical soulful elixir that opens your heart, brings feelings of connection and self compassion as well as creativity to help you look deeper within yourself

  • Soma Breath

Rhythmical breathing set to music to rejuvenate your body and mind while bringing you to a blissful meditative state. I guide you through some visualizations and focusing on what you want to bring into your reality

Mug of a hot cacao drink

April 19th Wednesday 4pm

May 18th Thursday 4pm

June 18th Sunday 11am