Hey there!

I’m a holistic lifestyle coach who specializes in nutrition, cooking, and NLP techniques. I help you break free from the cycles and patterns that no longer serve you mentally, emotionally and physically. I’m deeply passionate about helping you create a lifestyle you love with confidence and ease.

My quest to up level my own health began at age 27 when I was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. Burkitt’s lymphoma is a “curable” cancer, but the aggressive chemo treatment plan floored me (dare I say it nearly killed me, however that was never in my mind!). Read my post Can’t Shake Cancer for more of the story and my thoughts.

I lost my hair, my strength and ton of weight (my normal skinny 118 down to 89 bony pounds). I could barely walk after my 3 month in-patient chemo treatments were done. Eating was the most difficult thing to do throughout treatment because I had no appetite and nothing sounded good. When I did eat, everything tasted off.

The healing process was intense. It took about 5 years to gain my energy back. I constantly felt exhausted but became interested in learning about natural health as I visited a multitude of holistic healers to help my body heal. My path led me to become a Nutrition Therapist, and the best part was applying that nutrition with a Natural Foods Chef certification, both from NTI in Denver.

Things finally started taking a turn for the better when I began applying nutrition to my own life by removing allergenic foods like gluten, dairy and sugar and began cooking in healthy ways. I wasn’t as foggy minded, tired and bloated, and felt more energetic. Finally after so many years in a healing phase, I’ve reached the maintenance phase of my health where I feel energetic, happy and feel really good physically and mentally on most days.

As I started offering my coaching services to help others with all the knowledge I’ve gained, I unexpectedly began doing a lot of personal development. I didn’t expect this self development to be such a huge component of my health but it has been. This brought an awareness of who I was being, how I show up, my thoughts, actions and behaviors that all led to my current reality, including my health and the stories I tell myself (for better or worse).

Now I’m in training to be certified in NLP techniques, hypnosis, EFT and how to apply this rewiring of the mindset to bring the identity of my healthiest version forward into my current reality. It has helped me feel confident to show up and be visible on social (as a super shy girl growing up) to easily share my message.

With all that I’ve learned with holistic modalities, natural health, nutrition, and mindset techniques, I now bring all the tools into my 4 pillars of coaching: mind, body, soul and environment to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle you can feel confident with.

You will learn to nourish your body by creating quick healthy meals in the kitchen, bring happiness and stress relief by creating rituals and habits that stick, cleanse your environment by removing toxic products, and release layers of outdated thoughts and patterns so you can become the next level version of yourself.

I have been on a fascinating journey and I’ve never felt better, happier, more vibrant than where I currently am. And I know it will only get better as I continue to up-level and weave this into all parts of my life. I’ve created a completely new me over the last 10 years! I can’t wait to help you transform your life! I’d love to connect with you more. Feel free to shoot me a DM on IG or send me a message here with any questions. I’m more than happy to assist and here to serve.

Ashley Wood