Where Do You Go When Stressed and Overthinking?

It is so necessary these days in our crazy world to create a sanctuary in our home that provides quiet. Tranquility. Stillness. Calm. A place to unplug. To find peace within, and unwind our mind.

A meditation corner. A quiet spot.

I call mine a Zen Zone.

zen rocks and candles

What’s the Purpose of The Zen Zone?

💥🙌🏼 It’s An Act of Self Care 🙌🏼💥

To have a quiet place you can be alone. To center your thoughts. Ground yourself. Get aligned. Improve your mood. Elevate into good feelings. Take a timeout. Relaxxxx. De-stress. Come back to self. Meditate. Breathwork. Journal. Inner work & reflection. Remember your goals. EFT Tapping. Set your mindset for the day. Unwind at the end of work, and/or after your whole day.

So You Need to Make One For Yourself!

Make it YOUR happy place. A happy place doesn’t just have to be in your mind of some exotic magical fantasy. How can you transform a small space in your home *Right Now*?

It can be a corner of your bedroom (that’s where mine is), a chair in front of a sunny window, a spot in your backyard…

How to Create a Zen Zone:

1. Find a quiet space where you can be alone, preferably where you can have privacy and can always leave a few items
2. Clean up any surrounding clutter
3. Bring in items that have meaning and inspiration for you:

Inspirational ideas:
✨Essential oils
Rose mist
✨Good luck charms
Inspiring books/quotes/memes
✨Gratitude journal
Oracle cards
Meditation pillow or chair
✨Himalayan salt lamp

Think about these aspects:
💜Create an Atmosphere: Mood+Feeling
💜Make it Visually Appealing
💜Make it Smell Enticing
💜Fill it with Pleasing Textures

What are you going to include in your zen zone? I’d love if you share with me! Tell me in the comments👇🏼