Accessing Expanded Consciousness

Did you know there are more ways than just using Plant Medicines to access an expanded consciousness, to dive deeper into connection with the divine and your inner world?

Yes baby! There is not always a necessity for using plants. You can also access with your breath!

The Legend of Soma

Watch this video, explaining the Legend of Soma, an ancient ritual and drink that created a conncetion with the divine to inspire the ancient text, the Rig Veda. And out of that came Hinduism, Buddhism, meditation, yoga, tantra and more.

And, now the explosion of Breathwork to access this expanded consciousness state.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

And of course check out this video for learning about DMT, the spirit molecule.

DMT is an endogenously produced hormone (meaning created in the body), responsible for visionary spiritual experiences. It is released when you dream, and believed to be released right before you die. And it’s believed to create the “white light at the end of the tunnel” in a near-death experience.

It is released when you drink Ayahuasca, but is also something that can possibly be induced by stimulating DMT production in the lungs by supercharging your nervous system with certain breathing patterns.