How did Cancer Improve my life??

It woke me up. To bring an awareness of what I was eating and the products I was using were not helping me to be healthy. They were a detriment. Over the years of healing I have learned so much about how food is the fuel for our bodies, it nourishes us.

Quality fuel in (ie whole foods), equals quality energy and health out.

This goes for supplements and products you use on your body. I use and recommend only the best supplements- clean, free of allergens, beneficial to your health and ones that work!

Ladies and gents, have you looked at how many ingredients are in each body product you use ?? Hair, makeup, lotions. Oh wow.

Cleaning products are toxic to be using without gloves and face masks. I have gone as natural as I can. I have found that it’s cheaper in many situations! I make my hand soap with Dr. Bronner’s and essential oils. I use a vinegar water mix as a fruit wash.

It has become a mission of mine to guide people to cleaning up the food they eat and the products they use internally and externally. It’s not about being perfect but rather making important changes that have positive benefits. I want to pass on the best, cleanest products I have found to you, so you and your families can improve your health.

*I may make commissions on some products I recommend, but know I have tried a lot and have high standards to maintain my level of health. All products I recommend contain clean ingredients and I have found to be of high benefit and only want you to know about the best ones out there, for your health.

Cleaner Skincare that is Making a Difference in the Beauty Industry: Beautycounter

Why I love Beautycounter? They have 1500 ingredients they NEVER use, unlike the poorly regulated beauty industry in the US, who has banned only 38. I have had cancer so I look for products that have quality ingredients, and no carcinogens! Check out the ingredients of YOUR skincare products and how they rate at and then visit my link for Beautycounter’s cleaner skincare and cosmetics HERE.

My faves so far? Face oils and serums, and Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Doterra Essential Oils and products

I have been using Doterra products for 4 solid years now and have multiple products, rollies, and supplements I use daily. Want to learn more? Click here for Essential oil basics.  Doterra has been a key component to turning my health in a positive direction. Do you live locally (Fort Collins/ Denver)? I love doing small get togethers/ fun make and take events (like DIY Masks, Foot Care, How to Use Oils in Food/Drinks, Holiday Themed, Girls Night, etc) or even educational ones like Essential Oils 101, Top 10 Oils. Get DIY ideas here or contact me if you are interested in hosting a fun get together! We could even work it out to host a live event online! Shop for Doterra products here.

Fantastic Herbal Remedies That WORK!

Wishgarden is based just outside of Boulder, so for me, that’s considered a local company! I love them because they use herbal tinctures which gets into our system quickly therefore is incredibly effective. Use their “Fastest-Effect” Strategy to get relief quickly. Best known and most used product (by me)? Kick-Ass Immune. Visit their website HERE.

Clean, Plant-based Protein

Vega was founded by Brendan Brazier, a vegan triathlete. Clean, allergen-free ingredients (yay!) in a plant-based protein that can provide you with the muscle rebuilding support you need after a workout. One of my faves? Their electrolytes. Visit them HERE.

Easy-to-Mix Tea Crystals = High antioxidant benefits, No Steeping Required!

I’ve always been a tea girl (no coffee) and love to have something warm and lightly flavored in my cup. Pique Tea Crystals are awesome because they easily dissolve and mix into hot or cold water (so easy for on-the-go!). Their cold brew crystallization process provides 6x the antioxidant power of steeped tea, leaving you with more immune boosting power, and sustained energy. Being a green tea lover, their Sencha is my fave. Go HERE to view their tea options. Use the coupon code ASHLEY10 for 10% off your first purchase!