Deciding to start living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to go from zero to eating kale all day, working out for hours and cutting yourself off from everything you love to eat!

woman looking over a sunset over the water with hands held out to a T

Beginning to live healthier does mean incorporating new habits into your day. But it doesn’t have to mean being perfect at it. And it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

It’s making the new simple habits into routines. And allowing them to be easy and fun!

I consider myself to be pretty healthy. It took awhile for me to get here after my cancer journey though. And in no way am I perfect at it. Creating a healthy lifestyle is a process, and it’s always a work in progress. But it’s sooooo worth it!!

What can you focus on this week to begin living a healthier lifestyle? I have 5 things you can do.

You likely know these already. But the key is making them simple. I like to share how healthy can be easy.

Pick one today and work up to doing all 5 every day.

1. Drink 20 oz (600 mL) water upon waking.

female girl drinking a glass of water

This is so SIMPLE. You wake up every day, so why not tie a healthy habit to it? You can even put your full glass of water next to your bed at night so it’s right there when you wake up. Or in the bathroom for you when you pee first thing, and then drink a full glass right afterwards.

Why? It clears your body of toxins and gunk. It hydrates you. And gives you healthy skin (amongst sooo many other benefits).

2. Move your body.

No I didn’t say exercise. Just move. Do it in a way that is FUN and EASY to you.

girl flipping hair and dancing to music on her headphones
  • Walk the dog.
  • Ride your bike to go swing at the park.
  • Find a friend and go play tennis.
  • Shoot a basketball even if you suck.
  • Dance to Justin Beiber music videos in your bedroom.
  • Just find a way that makes moving fun!

Why? Moving helps toxins move out. It clears your mind. It de-stresses your mind and body. And it’s fun (if you’re doing it right!)

3. Reduce your sugar intake.

  • Maybe this is removing a soda and replacing it with La Croix sparkling water.
  • Or instead of a handful of candy, eat some strawberries or a peach that have natural sugars instead.
curly haired girl wearing a hat holding strawberries over her eyes

Why? Reducing sugar reduces inflammation. When you reduce inflammation, this looks like weight loss, a clearer mind, less aches, clearer skin… SO many positive things! (Click here to read my post about doing a sugar detox!)

4. Take a 5-10 minute time out. Outside. By yourself. Every. Day.

woman laying in the grass smiling
  • Go outside, look at the trees, the stars, the sky. Lay in the grass. Connect with nature. Smell the flowers.
  • No screens, no chatting or listening to podcasts or music.
  • You, yourself, nature and quiet. Just 5-10 minutes is all I’m saying.
  • Focus on your breath, even just 5 breaths. Be intentional.
  • Secret…. This can also tie into #2 moving your body 😉

Why? Connect to YOU. YOURSELF. Reconnect to the Universe, Source, God. Take a brief digital detox. An everything detox. Information overload. It’s De-stressing.

BONUS? Do 30 minutes. Notice if your mind feels clearer or calmer and your body more relaxed.

5. Start reading food labels. Get to know what’s in your products.

woman looking at products on the grocery aisle
  • Do you know what all of the ingredients are?
  • How many ingredients are there?
  • What’s the bulk of what it’s actually made of?
  • And does the main thing on the label match up what it claims to be on the package?
  • How close is it to its natural state?

Why? Start to become aware of what you’re actually putting IN your body. Food is what fuels us. It nourishes us and helps our body carry out important processes for our health.

Are you doing any of these already? What’s one you will focus on today or this week?? Tell me!

Ready for the next steps? Let’s work together!