So you’ve read my post about 21 Reasons To Do The 21-Day Sugar Detox. You’ve read my story. And now you’ve decided that yes! You are IN! You are ready to commit to 21 days of eating real foods because you want to improve your health, sleep, moods, and energy.

It’s not easy for those 21 days, and that’s why there’s a whole community of support for you at the 21DSD Facebook community group. And it’s the reason I created a 21 Day Sugar Detox Accountability Group.


This is PERFECT if YOU’RE:

  • Comfortable navigating the program on your own
  • Prepared and resourceful enough to follow the guidelines, recipes, book or online program without any additional guidance  from a Certified Coach with a small group or 1-on-1 support.
  • Possibly experienced with the 21DSD. This might not be your first time through the 21DSD program but want to challenge yourself to another level.
  • NOT the best at staying on track unless you have someone outside of yourself to hold you accountable.
  • Needing daily check-ins to hold you to your commitment to follow this program
  • Definitely an obliger. What’s an obliger?
  • Wanting a lower price point of support from a 21DSD Certified Coach (only $49)



As a 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach, I’m uniquely equipped to guide you through the program, from preparation before you begin, through the program, and the week post-detox. In this accountability group, I will be there to keep you on track with daily check-ins within the FB group.

My expectations for you in this group:

  • High engagement and responding to the posts, that’s why you want accountability right?!
  • Hold each other accountable, give support and help guide each other
  • Be resourceful, look for answers before posting a question
  • Share recipes and ideas with each other

As a 21DSD Certified Coach I’m here to:

  • Moderate the group
  • Inspire you
  • Ask and have you show/tell how you did each day
  • Provide engaging content and questions that help keep you involved and on track

What this group ISN’T:

  • Answering a bunch of questions
  • Holding your hand, taking you through all the details and guidelines
  • Providing tons of guidance or 1:1 support

I will be there with fun, daily check-ins to make sure you are sticking to this commitment to your health. If you want more personal guidance and support, I’d recommend waiting until the Fall to join my small group coaching, or email me for 1-on-1 support. You can also check the Certified Coaches Events where there are 21 DSD Certified Coaches providing various levels of support.

I run monthly accountability groups with start dates that coincide with the 21DSD Community FB page:  2019: July 1 • Aug 5 • Sept 2 • Oct 7 • Nov 4 • Dec 2


• June 24th, 2019 • Pre-detox week Begins

• Monday July 1, 2019 • Detox Day 1

Join anytime within the month. Even if you’ve started and realized you can’t quite do it on your own. We got you!



Click HERE for Free guidelines and resources

Click HERE for Highly Recommended Materials (at the very least I recommend the Daily Guide Book)