You might think a 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) sounds like a crazy idea. Eliminating sugar?! But how? And WHY???!

It’s for anyone who wants to feel better, increase energy, improve sleep, and take control of their carb cravings. From busy moms to competitive athletes.

You’ll eliminate foods that cause sugar cravings and send your blood sugar on a roller coaster, in favor of nutrient-dense foods.

This program is powerful. Don’t focus on what you’re missing, instead focus on what you will get out of it. It’s only 21 days…

Here are 21 reasons WHY doing the 21-Day Sugar Detox may actually be THE BEST idea.

  1. Reduce or eliminate your carb and sugar cravings… FREEDOM from sugar!
  2. Boost your energy throughout the day
  3. Regulate your blood sugar levels (hangry much?!)
  4. You’ll likely lose body fat
  5. Try new foods that normally aren’t even on your radar (and you might even like em!)
  6. Deeper, more restful sleep (one of my top reasons!)
  7. Learn to read labels so you can make better grocery shopping decisions
  8. No required powders or pills
  9. Your tastebuds and palate react differently after eliminating sugar. It’s mind-blowing how certain foods taste so much sweeter afterwards!
  10. Improve your moods
  11. See cooking in a new way and become a fan of seasonings to flavor food
  12. Understand the emotions and connections you have related to food/ eating/ sugar/ carbs
  13. Save time by learning how to meal plan and prep your meals for the week
  14. Your liver becomes more efficient at releasing toxins from fat stores because it’s not busy detoxing excess alcohol and sugar
  15. Learn how to replace and substitute foods with healthier options
  16. Begin to notice how your body reacts to certain foods
  17. No more afternoon fatigue, that “3pm slump”
  18. Better focus for working
  19. You’ll become aware of foods where sugar hides so you can make informed choices when at the grocery store and eating out
  20. Learn new positive habits regarding the foods you eat that will follow you into post-detox life
  21. To feel better, challenge and prove to yourself that YOU ARE A BADASS!!

Do any of these inspire you to give it a go? I hope so and so does your body! Read more about the 21-Day Sugar Detox program and the upcoming groups of support I offer to help guide you through it.

Still not convinced? Watch my video “How Much Sugar in a Typical Breakfast?”