For a lot of people, exercise sounds like a chore. Like a bore. A “should.” And just because of those perceptions, a lot of people are not very inspired, motivated or excited to exercise.

And that’s why I like to think of exercise differently. It doesn’t have to mean running or lifting weights. I mean, it depends what your end goal is. BUTTTT…

I Often Refer to Exercise as “Movement”

woman flipping a large tire at the gym as exerciseThe main reason to exercise is to move your body, preferably daily. And it may require you to switch how you view exercise, to incorporate it into YOUR life. Especially if you’re one of the people who isn’t so Jillian Michaels about it (and if you don’t know who she is, she’s an all-up-in-your-face-aggressively-motivating-workout-coach).

Sometimes this requires you to think outside the box, find your inner kid from within and go have some dang FUN!! I like to remind you, being healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Or intimidating. Let it be easy and fun!


Exercise Includes All 4 Elements of Health


When we move our bodies, we move the lymph through our system, which is like the garbage removal system of our body. Lymph contains toxins and waste, and is an integral part of our immune system.

illustration of the lymph system in the bodyUnlike the blood vessels that have the heart to pump blood through our body, lymph doesn’t have a pump. Lymph (and therefore toxins and waste) that need to be excreted from the body, can only get to where they need to, by physically moving.

Stagnant lymph can mean feeling crappy, lethargic, stagnant and blah.

Moving your body = moves lymph = healthy immune system.

black woman doing a sitting side stretch yoga pose in her bedroomMIND

When you exercise, you are present at what you’re doing so your mind is clear and focused. Some types of exercise, the ones that you tend to do by yourself, are meditative, clearing your mind of thoughts and leading to a calmer, clearer mind, which means less of the stressed and overwhelmed feeling. 

Clear mind = reduced stress 


Exercise is a way of connecting with yourself. Once you begin to do exercise regularly, you get out of the stagnant thought patterns, the negative thoughts about yourself (and what you aren’t doing) and you begin to notice the positive things about yourself. You’ll start to notice changes in your physical body which influences the way you feel about yourself. 

Exercise is like clearing a path to Source, God, and yourself and future self, and nature, because a lot of exercise activities are done outside in nature. Find what is fun for you and this lifts your spirit and creates a consistent desire to keep up with the routine of your exercise activities. And fun leads to more fun, and happiness. Law of attraction; like attracts like!

Doing fun things=brings more fun things!


I am a huge proponent of spending as much time outside as possible! And that’s another reason exercising is so important! Most of these activities can be done outside. And being in nature lifts our spirit, connects us with the Earth, and literally recharges our electrons. Being in nature, especially barefoot, is like a reboot for our energetic field.

2 women doing a plank challenge together and smiling

Some of these activities are done with others. The social environment we keep is so important for our health too! Friends motivate us to stay on track! Having a workout partner keeps us accountable! 

Exercise= connection = a recharge


If you’re looking for accountability and a structure to add exercise into a consistent daily wellness routine, I have the perfect solution! My 30 Day Wellness Routine Reset is perfect for having the energy and motivation to stay committed to your routines, and actually do them consistently. 

Go from scattered and way off track with your health habits and life, to committed, consistent, calm and confident without the overwhelm! Learn to properly nourish your body so that you can ROCK your day to day. Remove excuses from your life. And actually look forward to the wellness rituals you’ve chosen for your day, rather than bored with all the shoulds that other programs have told you to do! Click here to see more about the program!

female doing cartwheels outside in the grass


Some of these ideas are silly and will definitely bring you back to being a kid. Some are more advanced and can challenge you.

But I invite you to challenge yourself to get up, stand up and MOVE your body! Do it in a fun way, because isn’t that what makes life worth living?! Once you start, you might go longer than intended! And/or turn it into a habit because it’s so fun!

Here are 120+ FUN ways to MOVE! Find a league, a meetup, or an accountability partner. Try a free class, find a kid to join you, or bring out the kid inside of you. I hope these light a spark inside to fire you up and to get you to think outside the box. Explore these ideas, pick a few, then GO DO IT!


  1. Dance to music videos in your bedroom
  2. Learn the thriller dance
  3. Channel Beyonce or your favorite musician. Dance, sing or play (air) guitar or drums like them!
  4. woman listening to music on her phone with headphones dancingSearch youtube and learn an easy dance choreography sequence
  5. Shake it like Shakira
  6. Do a 20 minute YouTube yoga sequence. My fave gal is boho beautiful.
  7. Walk the dog
  8. Shoot a basketball, even if you suck. Play bump, horse or around the world.
  9. Find a friend and play tennis. Just hit the ball back and forth- no need for pro status here.
  10. Lift weights, kettle bells or a weighted ball. I like using a weighted ball, and starting on the side of my left foot, bring it up across my body, above my head to the right. Then the opposite side. Pretend it’s a gift you’re picking up and passing off to someone.
  11. Do 5 squats or lunges, and tomorrow do one more, then keep adding one every day
  12. Jump on a rebounder (mini trampoline) for 3 minutes (drink a lot of water after!!)
  13. Ride your bike to go swing at the park
  14. Play frisbee
  15. Walk to the park then do lunges around the perimeter of a basketball court or baseball diamond
  16. Play with the dog outside
  17. Practice your 90’s dance moves to C&C Music Factory
  18. Master the Macarena
  19. Borrow or rent a SUP stand up paddle board on a lake nearby
  20. Jump rope. Set a goal, like go for 100 before messing up. Or do 5 double jumps
  21. Go bowling and aim for 3 strikes
  22. Horseback riding… have you ever, or have you since you were a kid?
  23. picture of someone's feet jumping in the air with a jumpropeCart wheels in the grass
  24. Work on a handstand, either outside or against a wall
  25. Go ice skating
  26. Go to the roller rink and dust off those old roller skating legs
  27. Plant a flower in a pot or in your yard
  28. Make an herb planter with a basil, rosemary and thyme
  29. Build something
  30. Indoor trampoline park
  31. Sand volleyball
  32. Hit a volleyball back and forth with a friend in the yard
  33. Velcro on your moon boots, become Napoleon Dynamite and groove to Jamiroquai
  34. Skip to the loo my darling… or how bout one block for every 3 on a walk. Who cares as long as you look like you’re having fun??!
  35. Bust out that sidewalk chalk and make a long hopscotch. Find a kid to do it with you!
  36. Sunrise (or sunset) yoga in the park. Do a local search to see if it’s offered in your area.
  37. Country line dancing
  38. Ax throwing (safely of course!)
  39. woman shooting a bow and arrow at a target inside a rangeGet a lesson for shooting a bow and arrow
  40. Mini golf
  41. Batting cages
  42. Laser tag
  43. Go scoot around the city on a scooter
  44. Rollerblade
  45. Go roll down a hill
  46. Climb a tree like you’re a pirate looking for the prize ship
  47. Kayak the river, or lake kayak with a partner
  48. Canoe and throw in a fishing pole for the heck of it
  49. Take a pole dancing class, find that inner sex goddess 😉
  50. Challenge yourself to a new class at the gym that you’ve never tried
  51. Find river rocks to paint, or paint messages on (maybe to add to your zen zone)
  52. Wander around a museum, an art gallery, or a botanical garden
  53. Go explore a ghost town
  54. Do a movie film location tour
  55. Longboard to the closest gas station for a lottery ticket
  56. Go on a nature walk. You know there’s tons you’ve never been to in your town before, or probably on the outskirts.
  57. Jungle bocce with a friend, or 3
  58. Ladder golf
  59. Horsehoes
  60. Cornhole
  61. If it’s windy, go fly a kite, up to the highest height!
  62. Find a beautiful spot outside and go take some in-depth pictures
  63. Next time you’re inside a building and have 5 floors or less to go, take the stairs, but pretend the elevator is broken and there’s a monster chasing you up (or down) the stairwell.
  64. Do a kickboxing class
  65. Swim 10 laps then go down the slide
  66. Kickball league
  67. If you can dodge a wrench, do a dodgeball league! Sign up as a free agent to find a team.
  68. Geocaching for fun and treasure
  69. female hula hooping outsideSlip and slide
  70. Wiffle ball
  71. Frisbee golf course
  72. Ping pong!
  73. Try the latest craze… Pickle ball
  74. Try a burlesque class
  75. Daily dance party in your living room
  76. Ski, snowboard, or snowshoe if you live near snow
  77. Hula hoop for 30 seconds straight
  78. See if your town has goat yoga or puppy yoga
  79. Just go play at the playground- swing, climb the things, do the slide
  80. Climb a 14er if you’re super adventurous… or work up to doing one in a few months.
  81. Do a walking meditation
  82. Run the bases on a baseball field, or sprint to each base, one at a time
  83. Create your own (solo or with a friend) synchronized swimming routine. Ask the lifeguard to rate your performance.
  84. Take a dance lesson, like salsa, ballroom dancing, tango, swing. See what’s offered in your town’s Parks and Rec dept.
  85. See how many burpees you can do in 1 minute.
  86. Flag football
  87. Try a martial arts class. Karate, Tae Kwon Do, See if any locations do a free class to try it out.
  88. Tai Chi or Qigong class for intentional moving and relaxation/meditation
  89. Indoor (or outdoor) rock climbing
  90. Go snorkeling or scuba diving. Get certified!
  91. Challenge yourself to 20 scissor kicks each side
  92. Treadmill or jog outdoors. Set a goal and try to extend the time or distance when you get close to it. You may surprise yourself!
  93. Slow pitch recreational softball league
  94. Play soccer or even just soccer with your dog
  95. Golf but walk the holes instead of a cart. idk tho… carts are pretty fun haha!!
  96. weed your yard or your neighbor’s… It’s kind of therapeutic too!
  97. a man and woman going on a hike on a lush green pathBallet or a barre class
  98. Pilates or core class
  99. Hire a guide for a hike
  100. Guided ghost tours in your town
  101. Curling
  102. Go to the Clubs and dance your booty off!
  103. Babysit a kid for an hour 😉 or, just parent if you have your own!
  104. Find out if there’s Lacrosse or Field Hockey leagues you can join or even drop in at an indoor arena
  105. Create an obstacle course
  106. Help friends or college students move
  107. Pick your own pumpkins, strawberries, etc, whatever fruit/veg is in season in local farmer gardens
  108. Walk a slack line
  109. Play darts (501, cricket)
  110. Play monkey in the middle with a football, beachball, balloon, soccer ball
  111. Play 500 with a baseball or football if you have a larger group of people
  112. Good ol’ tag
  113. Do a hip hop or zumba class
  114. Belly dance lesson
  115. Be like Pink and learn aerial silk, aerial hoop (lyra) or trapeze
  116. Watch the scene in Old School with Will Ferrell doing the rhythmic gymnastics then create your own ribbon dance routine.
  117. Like Jim and Pam, do your own form of office olympics, or summer, or whatever olympics. What are your 5 main events?!
  118. woman in a corn mazeAdult gymnastics
  119. Do a bird watching tour
  120. Take an herb or plant tour at a nursery or local botanical garden. Or a local wildflower, natural habitat plants or herbal first aid tour.
  121. Corn maze
  122. Spin class, mountain bike or exercise bike
  123. Full moon hike


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