Are you out of alignment with making the decisions that cause your body to feel clear and happy?

woman with arms raised feeling happy and free

Are you paying attention to the foods you eat and how they affect your mood, your self esteem, your vibe???

Sugar is bad mmmkay–

yeah you know that.

But did you know the detrimental effect it can have on your mood, your self-esteem, your vibe, your skin and so much more?


…Yeah you probably already knew that too.

So why is it so hard to let go of our sugar cravings?


What you need is a powerful solution that will help get you back in alignment, making the right choices for your body to feel good, clear and vibrant, by cutting your sugar cravings loose and saying BYE to guilt-ridden decisions.

  • Tired of relying so heavily on your morning coffee and being tired every afternoon?

  • This program gives you the tips to boost your energy naturally without reliance on sugary drinks, caffeine and sweet treats.

  • Tired of struggling with old thoughts of guilt and shame that keep you from consistently being in alignment with your higher self?

  • This program gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to the past version of you and hello to the version who confidently makes the right decisions for your body

  • Addicted to sugary treats that leave you always wanting more?

  • This program gives emotional support tools, guided meditations, EFT Tapping and more, to better understand and get rid of your cravings

  • Are you wanting to lose some weight but diets don’t work for you, cuz you’ve tried?

  • Learn what carbs to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight without counting calories or macros! No counting here! Crazy, right?!

  • In the habit of always having an after dinner sweet treat… you know, your fave ice cream or cookies that always has its place in your cabinet?

  • Decide to replace your habitual treat time with other self love activities and/or healthier treat alternatives, like the berry bowl blast

  • Do you always have bread, rice, pasta, or potatoes with meals?

  • Challenge yourself to get out of your same ol’ boring food rut, and try new foods packed with more than just the empty weight-packing carbs

Guess what? The key to a healthy and vibrant life is simpler than you think.

Are you ready to take control of your life and reclaim your health, confidence and energy?


The 10-Day No  Sugar Challenge allows you to ditch unwanted bloat and weight gain without ever feeling deprived.

This Program is also a detox. 

So often when we hear the word DETOX, we think of the word deprivation.

 Instead, this is a program designed to eliminate foods that may be wreaking havoc on your system and not allowing you to reach your health goals. 

And adding tonnns of delicious whole foods that nourish your body like the goddess you are! 

Time to treat yourself like it!

Food has such amazing powers.

It is a challenge because I will be challenging you to get out of your food habits, your go-to’s, your daily treats and challenging you to try something new, a better alternative in its place. 

This is what makes this challenge special and unique. Learn:

  • What foods are not contributing to your body’s daily energy bank account (and also add to your body’s fat storage via natural processes)
  • Which foods actually deprive your body from the “energy bank account” and which foods are best to make “nutrient dense deposits” for adding more vibrant energy
  • Simple swaps that give your skin a glowing boost, and provide lasting energy for the day
  • From amazing support to delicious recipes that you can cook with ease (I’ll even show you how!)

  • Finally, a program that DOESN’T require counting calories, macros to keep track of, carbs to limit, fats to count.

  • You learn what to avoid when you’re trying to shed the pounds, which are ok when you’re really active, and why.

  • And gives you ALL of the emotional and cravings tools you need.

Sugar Is Detrimental To The Way Your Body Feels Physically & Emotionally

Are you ready to take back control in your life?!

This 10 Day No Sugar Challenge will help you lose those clingy pounds, have less mood swings, get that glowing skin – skip the blemishes and the lackluster skin!  


If you want to:

 1) Look & feel amazing

2) Have sufficient energy to be able to do the things you love

3) Lose weight and learn how to keep it off without counting anything

4) Have glowing skin

5) Fit your favorite clothes

6) Gain confidence and empowerment when you make the right decisions that improve your health and also your self-esteem

Join the 10 Day No Sugar Challenge today!

So what does this program offer you? Glad you asked!

  • A rocking 10 Day No Sugar Guide: a step by step manual showing you exactly how to eat to ensure you get all the delicious nutrients your body needs WITHOUT feeling deprivation or guilt!

  • A no hassle Recipe Guide: packed with over 40 scrumptious recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied.

  • Suggested Meals: To help you stay on track. I want you to be super successful.

  • Access to all the modules, guides, group support chat, food and mood diary to keep everyone in touch all through ONE APP! (No Facebook to mess with and get off track and distracted)

  • Cooking lessons! You tell me what you need, I’ll show you! Specific for each live group.

*Read Terms & Conditions before registering. No Refunds.

Hi there! I’m Ashley!

I’m your guide to activating that healthy AF goddess within you, the one who loves on herself and treats herself like the badass she is!

I used to be a carbaholic party girl. I loved pizza, pasta, drinking and desserts. I grew up on packaged foods like the kraft mac and cheese and lucky charms. We were told in the ’90’s that 6-11 carb servings were a good thing. So that’s basically all I ate. Add alcohol to the mix in my 20’s and all of this started adding up to poor health.

I had like, really bad acne my later teens. Later, depression, and yeast infections. Likely all because I never knew how to properly fuel my body and ate nothing with quality nutrients. I just did whatever, ate whatever, as most of us do until it starts catching up with us…

Well it caught up when at 27 I was diagnosed with a rare stage IV cancer, meaning it was all throughout my body. It was intense and that’s an understatement. There’s a lot more details I could get into but my point being that it is so necessary to take care of your body as soon as you can!! Before an intense wake up call like that crazy cancer came to wake me the eff up!

So now I’m here to prod you into being proactive about your health. How you treat yourself, what you feed yourself, how you view and think about yourself. It’s time for some self love, for some self appreciation, for recognizing how awesome YOU are and for treating yourself like it!

It starts with realizing you can do better. Then start feeding yourself foods that nourish you AND taste good. I love teaching how to cook healthier alternatives to comforting faves via clean eating. Imagine, no counting! It’s not a diet, but a lifestyle. It starts with mindset and then considers your actions and habits. Step into the healthy AF version of you today!